Enhance your Employer Value Proposition (EVP) by posting your internship and employment opportunities to candidates from more than 500 leading academic institutions through the Highered platform.

High quality schools

Accredited global institutions from the EFMD network, including the top 50 Financial Times management schools

Direct access & Easy to use

Brought to students through local career services at each school

Your positions and content is uploaded by our team Local support through our student ambassadors

Diversity & Insight

Student Engagement Analytics Platform

See where students engage with your content Benchmark your data to up your game. Measure ROI for data driven decisions

Value creation categories

Employer Branding

Support your employer branding efforts to students worldwide using editorials, news and video opportunities on the platform

Laser sharp targeting

Target and connect with students prior to key events, recruiting campaigns and job postings.

Filtering student data by an algorithm based on countries, schools, nationalities, education levels, graduation dates, disciplines and languages.

Career service relationships

Increase referrals from relevant schools through exposure to new career services in selected countries.

Build talent pipeline

The power of Highered starts with our community of the best educational institutions worldwide and students in 82 countries.

Increased diversity

We are able to communicate relevant students across the board to support your pipeline.

HigherEd analytics platform

Improved insight of student engagement (how, what, when and where) giving a smarter view of the funnel. Focus your time and energy on schools and students that matter to you.

Increased school coverage

Efficient global reach. No need for school by school approach.

Future proof career service

In collaboration with all the EFMD Schools to provide better student career services

Easy 3-step setup process

Content and positions from your existing career pages will be used to generate a custom career page on the Highered platform distributed to our 488 school career pages around the globe. Accessible for students in a trusted school environment on their own school website.

1. Custom career pages

2. Position posting

3. Student targeting