we are the shared services of the efmd academic network members

Reach top candidates from more than 500 leading academic institutions in 91 countries through the Highered Global Shared Careers Services. 

Our Shared services 

position posting

Multipost through our talentpanel to reach and target talent at 500+ schools in 91 countries


Employer Branding

Support your employer branding efforts to students worldwide using editorials, news and video opportunities on the platform

talent pool targeting

Target and connect with students prior to key events, recruiting campaigns and job postings.

Filtering student data by an algorithm based on countries, schools, nationalities, education levels, graduation dates, disciplines and languages.

talent insights  

Gain insights and trends through live data from top graduates around the world, sector preferences, company preferences, position popularity, language skills, preferred countries. 

Future proofing schools career services

As the Shared Careers Services of all the EFMD Schools we aim to provide better value to the student through the local career services

Easy 3-step setup process

Content and positions from your existing career pages will be used to generate a custom career page on the Highered platform distributed to over 500 school career pages around the globe. Accessible for students in a trusted school environment on their own school website.

1. Custom career pages

2. Position posting

3. Student targeting