Upcoming Webinars for Career Services

Register to the following webinars for updates on our services. (Time zone: CEST)

Information Session: EFMD Global Virtual Fair

Highered EFMD is pleased to invite you to EFMD Global Virtual Fair, 11-15 October 2021 webinar where we will share all of the details about how you can join the EFMD Global Virtual Fair in October. In addition, during the webinar sessions you will be exposed to how you can host your own private virtual events.

We will be interacting with the audience live and will answer any questions you may have.

Highered CMS – Coursera Update

The pandemic has greatly accelerated digital initiatives, but they often come costly and resource-intensive to launch. Highered, the careers platform for EFMD, is partnering with Coursera to launch a global skills initiative for your business school students. The initiative aims to bridge the digital skills gap.

The partnership will provide access to more than 5,000 courses and 1,900 Guided Projects on Coursera to students from 700 business schools in 92 countries (EFMD’s global network).

We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to a webinar that we will hold jointly with Coursera to introduce the partnership to Career Services professionals from the EFMD network.

An Introduction to the Highered Career Management System (Talent Panel)

The Highered Talent Panel Career Management System (CMS), enables continuous feedback and industry insight from the schools, talent, and recruiters, allowing Highered to listen, build and implement a solution that solves each stakeholders’ unique challenges. Combining the knowledge of the global talent ecosystem with the latest talent recruitment technology, Highered now offers an exclusive CMS that accelerates the matching of global talent and global career opportunities. As an EFMD member, the Highered Talent Panel is a complimentary offering to your Career Services solution.

Introduction to Abintegro’s flagship career development tools

Highered EFMD is strategically partnered with Abintegro. In order to allow EFMD member institutions to access their two flagship tools, CV360 and Interview360, at a preferential group rate.

During this webinar you will meet our new partner and learn more about how you can benefit from these world-class career development resources from Dan Cordwell, Academic Partnerships Manager at Abintegro.