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Bridge the skills gap 

Make your students and graduates more employable to meet the current skills-needs of employers worldwide.

Official Press Release

Pre-selected courses for digital skill sets

A selection of Highered career track learning plans for talent

“There is a clear gap in the provision of skills and graduates being job-ready. Much of that is due to the speed of changing job requirements. The initiative will enable the needs and demands of graduates, employers and business schools to be brought closer together.”

Bernt Blankholm
CEO, Highered


“The acceleration caused by the pandemic has reshaped many roles and created new ones across sectors.  Our partnership with Highered will help close the skills gap and develop job-ready graduates for employers.”


Anthony Tattersall
Vice President, Enterprise EMEA, Coursera


More support to talent

Business schools can offer more comprehensive support to their students and better prepare them for job roles.


Identify the demands

Students and graduates will be able to identify the expertise that employers are demanding and undertake relevant learning quickly and flexibly.


Reduce onboarding time

Employers can reduce onboarding time for new employees by hiring graduates that already have the necessary skills and knowledge.

Access to 5,000+ courses and 1,900 Guided Projects on Coursera

Broad catalogue
The initiative will enable students from 700 business schools in 90 countries to access more than 5,000 courses and 1,900 Guided Projects on Coursera.

In-demand skills
Students can learn job-relevant skills needed for specific industries, companies, and roles by accessing a broad catalogue of content in high-demand fields, including data science, technology, and business.

Customized learning plans

Business school students and graduates have access to customized learning plans tailored to employer needs. Highered Upskill contains courses from employers such as Google, Facebook, BCG, IBM, and Microsoft. As new courses are added, learning plans will be developed and updated in collaboration with companies and business schools.


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