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Masterclass | 24 June

Staying in the Driver’s Seat (Leading Yourself First)

Taking personal ownership is the key to success in any role, and this session talks about the most important ways to Leading Yourself First.  We’ll use an acronym with the words GO FAR to illustrate these ways, and share how they will help you to stay in the driver’s seat and achieve more success in your role.  GO FAR stands for Goals, Outcomes, Focus, Action and Recovery; and there will be a bonus on the Power of a Habit.  Looking forward to seeing you there.


Guest Speaker: Mark Fritz

Moderated by: Dr. Amber Wigmore Alvarez


Save the date: 24 June
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We have a surprise guest joining us on June 24th, 13:00 CEST!

Musician, activist, businesswoman – join us live for inspiration on how to do more towards diversity and workplace inclusion. 


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