Will students be present or just the school representatives?

On May 9th you will meet students and alumni that the participating schools have invited. Approx 150-200 total. However, the biggest value is being able to meet with and get insights from the career services, representing thousands of talents interested in opportunities back home.

Could you let me know what will the corporate ticket include?

Ticket includes what is stated in the program, including food. You will be able to network and connect with Chinese talent, career services of top universities around the world with placement goals that complement company’s recruitment needs. 

Is the event a networking event or a fair with a booth?
The Summit will be very interactive with thoughtfully designed programs and activities. There will be no booths.

What is the difference between Career Service days 8-10 MAY and Corporate days 9-10 MAY?

The program on 8 May is specifically for EFMD Career Services to exchange best practices between mainland China and schools abroad. On 9-10 May, we invite Career Services and Human Resources professionals to strategize, build and put into action their global recruitment initiatives and hiring objectives.  

Is this event going to be in Mandarin or in English?  

The event will be in English with simultaneous translation to Mandarin. 

How many corporate attendees are you expecting for this event? 

We expect a minimum of 80 corporate attendees. 

Tell me more about the programme for Friday, 10 May.

    • Company Visit: It is to visit a selected company in Shanghai area, along with career services from schools, students and alumni from those schools who are participating in the summit. 
    • Talent Connect: All participating schools will have the opportunity to invite their students and alumni to submit their CV to the Global Talent Summit CV Book. This CV Book will be shared with registered companies, who will then reach out directly to those students/alumni in order to connect during “Talent Connect”, taking place on Friday, May 10th. The CV Book will be shared with companies periodically leading up to the Summit.

Can we get students (talents) from our university involved in some networking sessions? If so, how should we do it?

Absolutely, Day 2 – 19:30-21:30- Student & Alumni Gathering for participating companies and schools – it means that participating schools can extend the invitation to students and alumni for this evening gathering.

Is there an option for only attending 1 or 2 days of the Summit? The first 2 days for example?

It is a three days event for Career Services and two days for companies. To make the most of the Summit, we advise you to come prepared and attend all relevant days. 

What is included in the registration fee?

The Ticket fee includes: 

  • May 8 – Ice-breaking activities + Networking dinner
  • May 9- Summit day – Lunch + Networking Dinner + Jazz party ( Students & Alumni gathering along with schools and companies) + Transportation
  • May 10 – Company visit arrangement

Does the Interactive Fishbowl act as a session which schools and companies can communicate freely about open positions and possible campus-company cooperation plan? or is it a talking session that schools and companies sitting together to discuss about a certain topic?

The Fishbowl session is a hands-on session for Career Services and corporate attendees to exchange talent placement and recruitment needs.

School: Participating schools will be asked to complete a Talent Form, which asks about your student/alumni population makeup. The information will be used during the Interactive Fishbowl session on Thursday May 9th, where we will bring together the participating companies and career services to share and exchange talent acquisition and placement needs. The goal of the fishbowl is to gain specific input to support your school’s student/alumni placement needs.

Company:  Participating companies will receive a form where they will be asked to provide information regarding: their recruitment plan, schools of interest, potential campus visits, and available positions. 


For schools without a significant Chinese student population, will it help to attend this event – to explore the possibility of students getting placed in Chinese companies?

The topic of this year’s summit will focus on Chinese talent and placement opportunities. However, increased student mobility around the globe and internationalization of companies provide more opportunities for international students’ placement. 

*Event will be covered by simultaneous translation