Ambassador Program

Become your school’s GetHighered influencer!

By joining this programme you’ll develop soft skills, expand your leadership experience and grow your international network. You’ll become a trusted voice when it comes to finding job opportunities anywhere in the world.

Post on Social Media

Be the first one to share awesome jobs in great organisations and become a whizz on social in the process. We provide you all the copy, imagery and practical details – you customize it to suit your local community. We share analytics and results with you so your content can go further.

Organize Local Events

Develop your network of employers and sharpen your presentation skills. You’ll be presenting Highered’s platform and current opportunities to your peers at school events. Sometimes companies want to organise recruitment events locally and you’ll be our person on the ground handling logistics.

Point of contact

Be our corporate liaison in the area and support Highered in growing its network of employers and job opportunities. You’ll be the first in line for these opportunities!

Ready to change the world?