The Student Ambassador program is a school co-ordinated sustainable Highered initiative.

What It Is

Highered Student Ambassadors work alongside their schools’ career services supporting the creation of local engagement by understanding the specific needs of fellow students and strengthening the communication of opportunities.

What they do

Highered Ambassadors help to organize local recruiting and career events as well as activate their social networks on behalf of our Highered corporate partners, boosting engagement locally. 


Adriana Fusaro
Student Ambassador Coordinator

An Italian Double Degree student who fell in love with Oslo in August 2018. After attending the last year of my master at BI Norwegian Business School, I didn’t know where to look for a job here in Norway. I signed-up on the Highered platform, I applied for the Talent Engagement and Digital Marketing Coordinator job position and here I am.
Having first used the platform myself, I am one hundred percent aware of how much Highered is a valuable resource which helps us international students to look for work abroad.
I work with careers services and students by walking them through the Student Ambassador Program. Moreover, I am responsible for social media management. Please contact me if you need additional information or support.

Mauricio Monzon
Student Ambassador Coordinator (2018 - 2019)

Besides studying at BI Norwegian Business School, I am working at Highered EFMD as the coordinator of the Student Ambassador Program. It is really inspiring to come to work and talk with peer students from all around the world as well as with career services. I also support them with the different activities to create value for companies, schools and themselves. If you have any questions about the program, feel free to contact me.

Gabriela Golem
University of Split

Being naturally very curious, open-minded person, always first to know about the latest trends, I'd like to help my colleagues at the University by spreading the word about Highered and life-changing opportunities it offers, which are great in number so everyone can find their place in the sun. Wanna get hired? Then use Highered!

Bernardo Garibay
Monterrey Institute of Technology

I would like to expand my network.

Sahith Kota
Hult International Business School

Working with the career services in my undergrad gave me a different perspective of what goes on in a university as students have different set of expectations and careers team has a different goals and understanding of it. In my experience working with career services for over 3years in two different universities I understood the struggle students go through and know how to address them and help them progress in their career. So I wanted to be as a student ambassador and help them even more.

Plaipha Intavong
IAE Montpellier

I want to challenge myself through the role that allow me to create an impact among my colleagues by sharing great opportunities, and bringing us closer to the global networks of potential employers.

Catherine Loanides
University of Sydney

I became an Ambassador for Highered to help those students at my university who seek to expand their horizons and pursue unique opportunities that put them outside their comfort zone and encourage them to experience working in potentially an unexplored culture to them.

Eya Hsayri
South Mediterranean University

As a student ambassador, i will be able to grow a large network for me and my peers and broaden the scope of opportunities for us. Furthermore, having access to the provided trainings and experiences which would allow for the developpement of new expertise and the growth of my communication and interpersonal skills, that i have gained, while holding the position of "student life officer" at my university: allowing me to be in contact with a great number of students on a daily basis.

Cláudia Reis
Católica Lisbon SBE

I believe that passion for what we do is the key factor that makes us real change agents! As such, I try to be involved in several projects that speak to my heart and contribute to my academic, professional and personal enrichment. Being an active learner (always aiming to be the best version of myself), I like to combine my formal education with hands-on experiences that boost my hard and soft skills, while contributing to society as a whole

Everardo Nuncio
Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey

Because I would like to represent my university in this amazing program and I think that being an ambassador can be very helpful for me and my fellow school partners.

Gabriel Garcia
Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey

I am interested in promoting work opportunities to international students as me to help them find an opportunity that suits their preferences, as well as getting to know myself the working opportunities in my area (Biomedical Engineering) in Germany, as I am a part of an exchange program in which I need to work for six months.

Nicole Mendoza Barreda
University of Navarra

I like the goal of Highered, I had the chance to work there while on my exchange semester in Oslo so I would like to share it with other students. Let them enjoy the opportunities that this platform provides.

Lorena Guajardo
Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey

I believe it's a great network between students, universities and worldwide companies. Many times we struggle to find a job we love and in which we can give our best because we don't know where to look for the right opportunities.

Youssef Ben Ahmed
Catolica Lisbon

Because HigherEd can offer very good opportunities to student and i love being useful to my community.

Kevin Camilo Guzmán Trujillo
Sergio Arboleda University

Because I think we could get more opportunities in other countries with big companies and if I become a student ambassador, I can transmit all that the other students who need it.

Sarra Sabbagh
South Mediterranean University

I was told about Highered Program by a friend (Eya Hsayri). I was surprised that people were missing out on such an opportunity, because of lack of communication. I would like to help with that. Being a member in various clubs will help connect people with different interests.

Maria Alejandra Rojas Mejia
Sergio Arboleda University

Networking and job opportunities abroad.

Inès Haj Romdhane
Mediterranean School of Business

I choose to become a Student Ambassador because it will give me the opportunity to get involved with many activities that will help me developing my skils and maybe gaining new ones. Also it can provide me with a lot of opportunities and it's a good way to meet new people.

Pavandeep Kaur
Nottingham Trent University

I want to become a Student Ambassador to gain more digital experience, reinforce my existing skills and develop new ones. Also, I will develop valuable connections with people and gain useful experiences. I have been an Ambassador for another platform previously and have enjoyed communicating with people. I have an interest in Marketing and believe that I will enjoy the role of an Ambassador.

Medhat Adeeb
Nottingham Trent University

To engage with the community of students and adding value to the students.

Palina Stotskaya
HEC Management School-Liege University

I am curios person, have a good communication & organizational skills, accurate with good oral communication, have the ability to build effective working relationships, willing to help people, dynamic, and result focus oriented.

Christopher Short
Cranfield University

First, to support my dedication as a careers representative to my course mates and wider connections. Second and most importantly, to gain exposure with various companies and industries in order to augment these experiences with my studies and future career.

Halima El amrani
HEC Management School-Liege University

I want to benefit from the best internship and job opportunities, have a digital marketing experience and develop my network

Francesco Caresio

I love interacting with people, companies, organising events and being a part of a big international and multicultural network.

Martina Radanovic
Faculty of Economics and Business - Zagreb

One of my key motivators is to help others see their potential and guide them through their career journey. Being a Student Ambassador for HigherEd seems like a natural continuation of that motivator and of course, widening my network of international friends is always a great thing!

Ronaldo Limowardana Putera

To encourage and promote the platform of Highered to Binus students for them to use it. Lacking of international experience is one of major problems in our univerisity, hence it would be a great pleasure for me to introduce them the platform to find international job. As the student ambassador, it would be a great additional experience to my CV.

Fahimeh Alizadeh
ALBA Graduate Business School

Interest and need to become a Key person

Antonios Chliaras
ALBA Graduate Business School

Traveling and meeting people from all over the world is my passion! I believe that education is the milestone that can break any barrier; compined with job satisfaction can lead to happiness.


I found it interesting as professional experience. It allows me to practice my communication and capacities of transmission of messages to other students.

Iva Baršić
Faculty of Economics and Business - Zagreb

I decided to become a Student Ambassador because it looked like a great opportunity to grow but also to introduce others with all the possibilities Highered has to offer. I think it would be a shame not to know how easy and simple it is to find international career offers.

Jimmy Hoang
University of Economics/ Czech Republic

I would like to help proactive students to find their fit in the labour market and to connect recruiting companies with the most qualified individuals

Abdellah Izougarhane
HEC-Uliege Belgium

Albert Einstein once said, 'the only source of knowledge is experience.' The reason I want to become a Student Ambassador is because I want to gain skills and knowledge. What makes a good Student Ambassador, is the ability to listen to the needs and desires of others, to organize forums about issues, and to become a role model to the students.

Run Tian
University of Nottingham

I find this platform is very useful and convenient for students to search career opportunities. It is also a good opportunity for me to develop my potential ability and communicate with more people.

Tristan Berghaus
University of Cologne

I want to promote international internships as my experiences in Singapore and Switzerland provided me with great professional and personal learnings and friendships.

Dexi Duan
Cranfield University

Get and share more useful information with my classmates.

Wayne Wang
Australian National University

I want to become a Student Ambassador because it is great opportunity to help me develop various skills, and I wish to share the resources and opportunities that Highered has to offer with other students, so they can have access to a wider range of opportunities and ways to improve their employability.

Alexandra Baker
IÉSEG School of Management

I chose to become a Student Ambassador to get more involved, open myself to other opportunities, and begin to apply what I have learned in school.

KEDGE Business School

Since I have long been agreed with the main idea with EFMD that we could create more opportunities for student who want to work abroad or be an intern abroad , by promoting the platform , more and more students will benefit from the knowing the platform and furthermore have more chance to access to international environment. Furthermore , I want to challenge myself to learn how to communicate with two sides and deliberate the information more clearly.

Jane Guo
Melbourne University

Valuable international network and digital experience.

Bilal Youssef
Coventry University

Everyone is seeking work experience, starting career, or finding an internship. Highered is making our search easier by providing opportunities to specific schools. I want to help others find their opportunity as I found mine.

Ziqian Liu
NEOMA Business School

I would like to expand my network and benefit my schoolmates as well by joining this program.

Juntao Deng
Emlyon Business School

Help to connect universities and companies together for more wonderful job opportunities and career events for students!

Huan Nguyen
Queensland University of Technology

I found Highered was a great and free platform for students wishing to find working experience overseas like myself. So I'd like to share it as a Student Ambassador.

Seka Wilfried Adon
University of Ottawa

I chose to become a Student Ambassador for the opportunity to work with Highered in digital marketing, also to build an international network.

Alan Lapira
Grenoble Ecole de Management

I wanted to become a Student Ambassador because it's a great opportunity to start a career abroad

Marline Bilé
Neoma Business School

Highered represents a significant tool to embrace a beautiful career abroad. Plus, being a part of the student ambassador program would enhance my marketing and communication skills and add a certain value to my next applications for an internship.

Maria Butueva
Far Eastern Federal University

This is a great opportunity for me to develop myself professionally as a person who will be able to work on international level with people from all over the world without any barriers in communication to make strong friendship connections between our countries, to inspire people and broaden horizons. I want to be a student ambassador to help other students to find jobs easier and faster.

Haiyi Yan
University of Ottawa

Becoming a student ambassador helps me to get closer to my dream, it allows me to exchange ideas with people all around the world, and learn about interesting cultures of different parts of the world.

Mingyi Feng
Rennes School of Business

As the sole founder of ESC's first Chinese student job search project, I found that lots of students have no idea about how to get a suitable internship, especially for international position, but Highered just help solve this problem perfectly.

Korantemaa Ofei-Agyekum
Nottingham Trent University

Aside the perks of networking and being able to develop skills sought out by employers, what attracted me the most about this role is my ability to be able to help my fellow students secure good jobs both during and after a safety track of school.

Eliott Cochard

I want to learn more about the relationships between companies and business schools. Furthermore, I would provide to the students of my university the way to find a job or an internship easier.

Yantong Liu
The Australian National University

First, I want to develop my marketing and professional skills in the student ambassador program. I will graduate this year and I prefer to find a job in Australia. Hence, this role is a good way for me to get more opportunities and develop my network.

Emerson Dobbs
University of Auckland

I chose to become a student ambassador, because I am really interested in international business and have a passion for traveling and meeting new people overseas. I think this role is a great opportunity to get to know more about jobs and internships around the world.

Shengnan Zhang
Rennes School of Business

Highered is a very helpful platform which gives us a lot of opportunities, yet it is not widely used by my friends and classmates. By being a student ambassador, I will be more motivated to find and share valuable information, and make contributions for both the platform and my university.

Chuqiao Ji
University of Birmingham

The primary reason is that I want to expand my network and interact with more students who are in the same stage as me, that is making a transition from University into full-time working life.

Angela Benefo
Wuhan University

I understand how hard it can be for international students to find internships especially in an environment where language can be a barrier. As a student ambassador I can share global opportunities with fellow students, expand my network as well as development new skills for personal development.


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