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  Pitch Your Profile Challenge

Pitch your value to the recruiters at the EFMD Virtual Career Fairs by Highered Part II



  1. Record the pitch on your phone (horizontally)  
  2. Be creative: show your personality through the choice of the background, attire, etc.
  3. Get inspired by your peers: watch a “Pitch Perfect” masterclass
  4. Duration: 15-45 seconds (maximum 1 minute)
  5. Submit the pitch

    ***We will vote for a weekly winner during the Live Conference on Preparation day. Submit early for a greater chance of winning!

Benefits: Preparation Day


  • Your pitch will be shared in the form of a “Video Pitch Book” link with hundreds of participating recruiters at the EFMD Virtual Career Fairs by Highered
  • You get a chance to win a personal career coaching session with Prof. Amber Wigmore Alvarez – the winner is chosen each week on the preparation day!
Sample pitch from Julia Wolf


  • Pitch your value
  • One of the many methods to convey your personal brand
  • You instantly become a sales and marketing professional
  • Messaging needs to be consistent (CV, Cover Letter, online profiles), what you say when networking and in an interview


  • Typically 15-45 seconds to explain your intrinsic value to a person of interest
  • Whet their appetite
  • Your introduction and tagline
  • Can be part of a networking conversation
  • Can be included in LinkedIn summary
  • Prepare, practice and rehearse!


Who are you?
Your name, job title and primary function or degree you’re studying or recently completed

What are you great at and passionate about?
Your job goals, previous experience, results

What are your key strengths? (stick to the three most important)
Your tagline – what do you want people to remember you for

Amber’s Elevator Pitch

My name is Amber Wigmore Alvarez and I am a Talent Services Professional. For more than 17 years I have worked with executives in the area of talent, helping professionals find their  motivations that will lead them to success, as well as recruiters looking to identify top talent for their organizations. My passion is to improve and accelerate the matching between graduates and professional opportunities.”


Watch Pitch Perfect Masterclass


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