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Our community thrives on sharing knowledge – that’s how we build a prosperous ecosystem where we can all benefit from and support each other. Every two months 12 Recruiters and 12 Career Services representatives in our network come together to join a monthly virtual event hosted by Camilla Torjussen, Highered’s Senior Account Executive and discuss current topics in recruitment.

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open discussion:

“Borderless talent”

The New Generation of Students are becoming more and more international, they aim for challenging experiences and to explore new cultures and environments. This inevitably means that they know how to adapt easily; how to be resilient and how to exercise their learning agility. What are they looking for when it is about their first professional opportunities? How can we as companies match their interests and needs?

Co-hosted with:

Giulia Pierattini
Talent Acquisition & Sourcing Specialist, L’Oréal

First of the many!

The first edition of our Meet & Greet was held on May 6, 2021 and attended by 26 industry professionals. Here is a recap and thank you video from the Highered Team.

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3 (Recruiter) 0 (Career Services) seats available.
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Why limited seats?

Due to high demand, we had to introduce limited “seating” in order to be able to facilitate a good discussion amongst the participants. We do our best to provide enough space for everyone so all participants can make the most out of each session.

How often are these events? Can I join?

Yes! You can join us every two months. Each time the Meet & Greet will be co-hosted by another guest so make sure you sign up as soon as we announce the next session. You can also become one yourself! Let us know by sending an email to kendall@highered.global.

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