Highered Index

Get to know how talent perceives your brand.


All analytics and data generated from 2020 until today is scaled and then weighted to maintain objectivity and ensure all employers have the same opportunity when being measured. The Index has 5 different metrics that measures the different engagement opportunities companies have on the platform:

35%  Apply Clicks Index
Corporate Profile Index
20%  Job Views Index
15%  Content Engagement Index
    Virtual Fair Index



Value Proposition

The Highered Index, three segments – How does the Highered Index provide value to our current three main stakeholders in the Highered Ecosystem:

The indexes is a direct result of how the students engage with employer content, employer brand and job postings in the different activities on the Highered platform.

Measure your level of engagement compared to other companies on the Highered Platform. The index is a result of job postings and the ability of creating employer brand, being top of mind for the over 3M students studying on the leading accredited schools in the world

Understand your students, what do the look for when they apply for jobs. Make sure your Corporate Partner Strategy is aligned with what your students look for, and make sure you engage with the most desired Employers.