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Host online events with Highered, the career platform used by thousands of students, graduates and alumni in 92 countries.


We received several hundred applications from different countries. If we look at the contacts that we received it was more than 2,000!”

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Why use Highered?

Multi Pavilion

Set up multiple pavilions such as by sectors, location or anything you have in mind.

Flexible Setup

The virtual event is integrated in the Highered platform. It allows both you and the talent to access it quickly and easily. We create an initial setup within 24 hours.

Versatile Event Types

The platform supports a variety of types of virtual fairs and events. It is up to the institution to determine what the event is supposed to be. Whatever your idea may be, Highered technology is able to support it.

Live Analytics

Through our platform, you get access to a Live Analytics dashboard with comprehensive participant engagement data.

Unlimited Job Posting

You can choose to post jobs prior, during an event, and after. Following the event, the jobs are automatically transferred Highered platform for continued applications.


Schedule and host live webinars throughout the duration of the event. Easily link to zoom, teams or any webinar hosting platform. Talent will have access to view all events taking place and easily add them to their personal calendar. This is a unique opportunity for you to get the most of your event, connect with talent and introduce your company.

Embedded Messages & Video Chat

Connect with talent in real time via online messaging chat and video. Request to view their profile and download their CV. Invite talent for one-on-one interviews.

Live Support & Training Material

We will support you along the way – before, during, and after the event.

How to get started?

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