Career Fest, April 19-23, 2021


Part I of the EFMD Global Fairs by Highered. Part II, October 2021.

Several new exciting opportunities will be launched, including networking options, multiple CV uploads, integrated video chats, and online video assessments.

Key Elements


  The EFMD Virtual fairs are supported by top schools worldwide 

  During our 2020 fairs, more than 145,000 students met with more than 1,200 recruiters!

The Steering Committee has been established, with both Career Services professionals and recruiters, in order to ensure that everyone’s preferences are taken into account. Do you wish to be part of the Steering Committee? Send us a message here.

Upcoming Webinars

2020 shifted the world from physical to digital, requiring a fast and smart transformation. Eager to face the challenge, Highered is proud to be at the forefront of digital recruitment and virtual recruitment solutions. 

During the webinars, we will answer any questions you may have, and show you how to utilize Highered Virtual Recruitment for your own virtual events.

We hope to see you as an exhibitor at Career Fest!

Set up your Virtual Recruitment Success in 2021


What else is new

All kinds of virtual events in one platform!

With our latest developments, you can now use the Highered Virtual Recruitment platform to host your own events. There are 3 main categories of events possible to organize or attend as a company as schools are using the same platform to organize school-specific events.

  Private events are organized by schools/companies/organizations accessible to selected schools in the EFMD Network

  Network events are organized by Highered EFMD or by you exclusively for EFMD network schools.

  Open events are organized by Highered EFMD or companies/organizations open to all. 


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