Career Professionals Development Institute 2020 to be held at Barcelona in May


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After a successful inaugural cohort in 2019Highered EFMD is pleased to announce that the Spring edition of the Career Professional Development Institute (CPDI) will take place at EADA Business School, Barcelona, Spain, between May 4 – 6 2020.

The Career Professionals Development Institute (CPDI) is a training opportunity for Talent & Careers professionals to acquire state-of-the-art competencies and to stay abreast of the latest placement trends relevant to the business school sector. Participants will learn how to deploy learning resources and development tools so that students and alumni can both better their career aspirations and manage their career trajectory. The Institute will help the participants to develop a greater understanding of how to align the hiring needs of corporate partners with the profile of graduate cohorts. It will allow Career Services to provide optimal recruitment solutions for companies seeking top management talent. Peer-to-peer interactions with colleagues from leading academic institutions around the globe will enable the participants to assess the relevance of innovative ideas in the Talent & Careers space for their professional work.

Why attend?

  • Learn from internationally renowned experts how to establish, manage and develop recruiter relations, and to align the hiring needs of corporate partners with the profile of graduate cohorts.
  • Receive guidance on how recruiter feedback can be channeled back to faculty, students and programme management to effect better-recruiting outcomes and improved educational relevance.
  • Sharpen the talent and career professionals’ self-conception as drivers of institutional reputation and financial outcomes.

What are the benefits?

  • Peer-to-peer interactions with colleagues from leading academic institutions
  • Learn about current trends reshaping the work of Talent & Careers Professionals and acquire an intimate knowledge of state-of-the-art technologies and corresponding talent analytics


Featured Speakers 

Career Advising
As an experienced trainer and facilitator, Rachel will share her insights in designing a strong career advising strategy for your students in a changing market and lead an interactive session to identify the most important challenges in career advising and finding solutions together.




Career Education
Drawing on years of industry experience, Laszlo will elaborate on the topic of career education, focusing on the aspects of creating self-awareness, handling career transformation, building a career curriculum, and innovative solutions for preparing your students for global job opportunities.




The CPDI is a unique and exclusive (classroom limit 30) professional development programme designed specifically for Career Service Professionals. Learn how to help your students better manage their career trajectory, how to align the hiring needs of corporate partners with the profile of graduate cohorts, and stay ahead with innovations in recruiting!


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I try to be really selective when it comes to trainings and conferences, as it is not easy to find an impactful one in a niche area like career development. I am so happy to be part of CPDI in Nov 20019. I really suggest all related colleagues to follow and participate in future events. — Tuna Dağlı, Career Development Center Director, Koç University


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