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Recruiters worldwide use AON assessment tests as a baseline for their recruitment processes to check your aptitude and readiness for a future career. 

Free AON Assessment Testing

Take these tests to familiarize yourself with the testing methods of the AON assessments and get basic reports to identify your skills.

3 tests        ~ 27 min          Free

Numerical Reasoning ( ~ 9 min)
How good are you with crunching numbers? This AON asessment measures your understanding of numerical information and reaching logical conclusions.

Deductive-logical Thinking ( ~ 9 min)
See how good you are with using knowledge and applying rules – this test measures your analytical and problem-solving abilities.

Inductive-logical Reasoning ( ~ 9 min)
How well can you identify rules and interrelations? Check with this test which measures your analytical and problem-solving abilities.

AON Assessment Report

The free Aon assessments tests are a great starting point to begin your preparation for actual assessments during selection processes. Try it out today to get comfortable with the format, questions and methodology behind online assessments used in recruitment. You will receive a basic report after the completion of each assessment task. For a more detailed career assessment report consider taking the Pathfinder Assessment.

Pathfinder Assessment Testing

Avoid going down the wrong career path and discipline of study by taking this test and receive an in-depth career path mapping based on your strengths and potential for improvement.

3-in-1 test      ~ 60 min       € 79

Work-related Behavior (ADEPT-15) ( ~ 30 min)
What type of employee personality traits do you have? Find out by taking this test which identifies your work-based personality characteristics.

Working Memory ( ~ 15 min)
How well can you stay focused? This test measures ability to process and remember information in distracting environments.

flexTest ( ~ 15 min)
What are your interests? This questionnaire will help determine which career paths you might want to pursue.

Pathfinder Explorer Report

Once you finish these tests you will get a detailed report with a comprehensive overview of the five matches to jobs for which you are a great fit. These matches allow you to make an informed decision about your next career step. The summary of results will provide a snapshot of who you are, helping you to understand the strengths you can leverage and areas where you might wish to devote additional time for development. To guide your efforts, this report also includes development tips for each of the competencies described.

How will these tests help you get hired?

You will know your skills

You will realize your potential

You will have a clear career path

You will boost your confidence

Demo - Work-related Behaviour Test
Demo - Inductive Logical Thinking Test
Demo - Numerical Reasoning Test
Demo - Deductive Logic Test
Demo - Working Memory Test
How to Prepare for an Online Assessment

Get ahead of your competitors today

by completing assessments used by recruiters worldwide at companies like Deloitte, Siemens, Burger King, Vodafone, or P&G.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Aon Assessments?
Talent Assessments by Aon are globally recognized tests which help companies all over the world to identify the best candidates for a job. With the help of talent assessments recruiters can look beyond CVs, school grades, college certificates and university diplomas to find out whether a candidate is a good match.

These solutions are usually reserved for recruiters only – here, you get an exclusive opportunity to practice and get your results ahead of your job interview. Most candidates don’t get this chance, so take advantage of it!

Do I need to pay to take these assessments?
You can take 4 of these tests for free – Work-related Behavior, Numerical Reasoning, Deductive-logical Thinking, and Inductive-logical Reasoning. These tests are measuring your skills and aptitude and are a great way to find out your strengths and weaknesses.

However, if you would like to have a full overview of your predispositions, gain professional insights on your best-fit career paths and take a big step towards your future success, you can also access the 3-in-1 test and get a comprehensive Candidate Report for €79.

For the extended access, just click here and pay by card – we are using a secure payment method.

Is there an expiration date on the extended tests once I pay for them?
Nope! After your payment is accepted, you can take the extended tests whenever you like. Take your time to prepare and start the assessments at whatever time fits you best.

How many times can I take the tests?
You get only one take for each test. No retakes! Make sure you have comfortable conditions to take it to make the most of this opportunity. You can familiarize yourself with the test by watching instructional screencast videos and doing a practice exercise before taking the test.

Why should I take these tests?
Recruiters around the world use AON Assessment Tests in their candidate selection process. By completing them ahead of time and presenting them with ready reports, you get a great opportunity to truly amaze the recruiters. How?

First – you come prepared with part of the recruitment process already done, which will instantly make you jump ahead of other candidates.

Second – you approach your recruitment with a clear mind. You know your strengths and what the future holds for you – instant motivation and a proper confidence boost guaranteed! Recruiters will be able to tell that.

How can I prepare for these tests?
You can read all about technical requirements and how to prepare yourself for the assessments on this page. There you will also find materials to help you ace it!

Where else can I find these assessments?
Typically, you might be asked to complete these tests by your recruiter – other than that, you won’t find these available for you anywhere else. This is an exclusive opportunity for you to practice, find out more about yourself and about your future career.

In what language are these tests?
The default language for these tests is English, however, each of them has a variety of languages to choose from. You can check which languages are available and choose the one that suits you best before taking the test.